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Dashto Stock Numbering System
Most items are pre-owned, See Item Description
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Alphabetized Index of Inventory


001= Lathe Collets, 8mm, ww

002= Lathe Collets, 8mm, long

003= Lathe Collets, all others

004= Lathes & lathe related items

005= Other Turning Tools and Related

006= Abrasives, stones, cutting tools, broaching tools, sharpening tools & related items

007= Oils, oilers, lubricants and related items

008= New tools of all types

009= Hand tools not in other categories

010= Jewelling tools and parts of all types

011= Casing tools, openers, closers, waterproof testers, and related

012= Staking Sets and staking tools

Chart of K&D Punches and Stumps

242= Staking Set Punches

  243-Staking Set Stumps

244= Staking Set Jewelling Parts

013= Balance and escapement related tools

014= Pocket watch related tools

015= Cleaning machines, timers, benches, electronic equipment, microscopes, misc. equipment and related parts

016= Clock related tools

017= Jewelry related tools

018= Books, catalogs and related

225-Horological Magazines and Periodicals


019= Material lots and small cases/cabinets

020= Material cabinets, larger steel

021= Crystal lots

220-Selected glass open face pocket watch crystals

221-Selected glass hunting case pocket watch crystals

231-Selected glass other pocket watch crystals,larger sizes, thicker glass, etc.

Round Glass Crystal Size and Information Charts and Crystal Height Chart

038= Factory material lots, selected Brands

199= Crown lots

200= Pocket Watch parts lots

201= Hands lots

053= Clock material, supplies, movements

022= Military surplus material, movements, cases, dials, etc.


213=Selected Seiko Crystals
215=Selected Bulova Crystals
216=Selected Mido Crystals
219=Selected Benrus Crystals
223=Selected Elgin Crystals
229=Selected Zodiac Crystals

233=Selected Citizen Crystals
228=Selected Name Brand Crystals Not Listed Above
255= Selected Wyler Crystals
256= Selected Non-Genuine Crystals for Rolex

257= Selected Longines Crystals


023= Partial movements, pocket watches

024= Partial movements, wristwatches

235= Partial Movement Larger Bag Lots


025= Elgin selected material

026= Hamilton selected material

027= Waltham selected material

028= Other American selected material

Charts of Accutron Materials with numbers

029= Accutron selected material

Accutron Spaceview Crystal identification aid

030= Bulova genuine material

031= Gruen selected material

032= Longines and LeCoultre selected material

033= Omega selected material

034= Seiko and related selected material

035= Rolex selected material

249=Other Swiss High Grade

036= Other selected material

037= Seitz and all selected friction, roller, cap and pallet jewels not in cabinets

Chart of American Movement Roller Jewel Sizes

Chart of Elgin Movement Roller Jewel Sizes

217=Selected blank hairsprings



Identification aids for American balance staffs

187= Columbus balance staffs

188= Elgin balance staffs

189= Hamilton balance staffs

190= Hampden balance staffs

191= Howard balance staffs

192= Illinois balance staffs

193= New York Standard balance staffs

New York Standard balance staff and movement Identification Chart

194= Rockford balance staffs

195= Seth Thomas balance staffs

196= South Bend balance staffs

197= Waltham balance staffs

198= Other brands American balance staffs

American Balance Jewels

Charts for American Balance jewel sizes

236 Elgin Balance Jewels

237 Hamilton Balance Jewels
238 Hampden Balance Jewels
239 Illinois Balance Jewels
240 Waltham Balance Jewels
241 Other American Balance Jewels
250 Balance Jewels By Metric Sizes


American Mainspring Identification Charts and Aids

American Mainspring Identification Charts and Aids pg 2

202 Elgin mainsprings

203 Hamilton mainsprings

Hamilton Dynavar Mainspring Chart

204 Hampden mainsprings

205 Howard mainsprings

206 Illinois mainsprings

207 New York Standard mainsprings

208 Rockford mainsprings

209 South Bend mainsprings

210 Waltham mainsprings

211 Other Brands American Mainsprings



Mainspring Size Conversion Chart- Dennison and Metric

226=Swiss Mainsprings, ww/pw, regular

227= Swiss Mainsprings, Automatic, Special Brands, Special Ends

248=Selected Swiss Mainspring Lots



039= Pocket Watches

232=Pendant and Nurses Watches

040= Pocket Watch Movements

041= Pocket Watch Cases

230= Pocket Watch Bezels

042= Pocket Watch Dials


Wristwatch Lists

043= Vintage Wristwatches

044= Contemporary Wristwatches

045= Mechanics Special Wristwatches

046= Cases for Wristwatches

047= Dials for Wristwatches

048= Metal Bracelets for Wristwatches

049= Straps for Wristwatches

050= Buckles for Wristwatch Straps/bracelets

051= Wristwatch Boxes

052= Displays & Ephemera for Wristwatches


Wristwatch Bulk Lots

245= Mechanical Wristwatch Bulk Lots

246= Quartz Wristwatch Bulk Lots

247= Electric and Electronic Balance Wheel Wristwatch Bulk Lots

235= Partial Movement Larger Bag Lots



222-Wristwatch Movement bulk lots




054= Accutron movements

056= Alpina movements

057= Amida movements

059= Arogno movements

060= A. Schild movements

063= Aurore movements

066= Baume and Mercier movements

068= Baumgartner movements

070= Belforte movements

072= Benrus movements

075= Brac movements

077= Bulova movements

078= Buren movements

080= Caravelle movements

081= Certina movements

085= Citizen movements

086= Concord movements

087= Cortebert movements

088= Court movements

089= Croton movements

   090= Culmina movements

092= Cyma-Tavanes movements

093= Doxa movements

094= Durowe movements

095= Ebel movements

097= E. Bettlach movements

098=Ebosa movements

100= Elgin movements

101= Enicar movements

102= ESA movements

104= ETA movements

105= Eterna movements

106= Felsa movements

107= Femga movements

108= Fleuerier movements

109= Font ww movements

110= Forster ww movements

111= French Ebauches ww movements

112= General ww movements

113= Girard Perregaux ww movements

114= Glycine ww movements

115= Gruen ww movements

116= Hamazawa ww movements

117= Hamilton ww movements

118= Hampden ww movements

119= Harley ww movements

120= H. Becker ww movements

121= Helbros ww movements

122= H. Sandoz ww movements

123= Illinois ww movements

214=Ingersoll and U.S. Time movements

124= Ingraham ww movements

125= International Watch Co. ww movements

126= ISA Quartz ww movements

127= Jean Brun ww movements

128= JLC Quartz ww movements

129= Kurth ww movements

130= Landeron ww movements

131= Langendorf ww movements

132= LeCoultre ww movements

071= Lemania ww movements

133= Longines ww movements

134= Lucian Picard ww movements

135= Marvin ww movements

136= Mastertime ww movements

137= Mido ww movements

138= Miyota ww movements

139= Moeris ww movements

140= MJWC ww movements

141= Molina ww movements

142= Movado ww movements

143= MSR ww movements

144= MST ww movements

145= Omega ww movements

146= Oris ww movements

147= Otero ww movements

148= Paul Breguette ww movements

149= Peseux ww movements

150= Phenix ww movements

151= Pierce ww movements

152= Precision Time ww movements

153= Pulsar ww movements

154= PUW ww movements

155= Qualco ww movements

156= Record ww movements

157= Recta ww movements

158= Remex ww movements

160= Rolex ww movements

161= Ronda ww movements

162= Rotary ww movements

163= Russian ww movements

164= Savoie ww movements

165= Seiko ww movements

166= Seth Thomas ww movements

167= SGT ww movements

168= Standard ww movements

169= Tavannes ww movements

170= Technic ww movements

171= Tissot ww movements

172= Tudor ww movements

173= Unitas ww movements

174= Universal ww movements

175= UTC ww movements

176= Valjoux ww movements

177= Vulcain ww movements

178=Venus ww movements

179= Waltham ww movements

180= Westclox ww movements

181= Westfield ww movements

182= Wittnauer ww movements

183= Wyler ww movements

184= Zenith ww movements

185= Zodiac ww movements

186= All Other ww movements

222-Movement bulk lots

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