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This site is intended to aid in research of Accutron Timepieces (with a sampling of other brands of Tuning fork watches). I will add watches as time permits and welcome contributions from others. The added comments are personal observations based on over 30 years of servicing Accutrons. Click on the thumbnails for larger picture. HUM ON!


Here is the ill fated Swissonic. Max Hertzel was ready to mass produce these but Bulova invoked their tuning fork patent protection. Note the unusual design of the tuning fork. There are maybe three running examples of this watch today.
Longines quartz movement with tuning fork and index system. This is reportedly the movement used in the Patek Philippe tuning fork model. Thanks to Betsy Cohn for the pic. The same movement was used by and signed Bulova cal. 10EACD (No picture availiable).

Beta 21 Quartz movement with tuning fork reportedly used by Patek Philippe and others. Thanks to Peter Langley for the picture at the far left.

Here is a picture from an Omega SSIH training booklet with a picture of the Beta 21 Quartz tuning fork movement (on the left), circa 1970's.
Here is an Omega case, likely for  the   Beta 21 Quartz tuning fork movement (above), circa 1970's. The case numbers are 196.0055 and 396.0841.
Here is an International Watch Company version of the tuning fork timepiece.
Here are two Certina ESA tuning fork chronographs. Yellow model on the left and steel on the right,
Here is a Universal cal. 1-52, exactly like 218. 18K gold case #2887.Universal had a long standing partnership with Bulova and had made watches for them for many years.Pics to left and right.  
Tissot Tissonic tuning fork wristwatch, 70's styling, stainless steel, original bracelet, ESA 9162 movement is signed Tissot 2010.
Zenith Allegro tuning fork with model 505 movement. Thanks to Dean F. for the picture and info.  
A Baume and Mercier tuning fork chronograph. To the right and left are the back and front views of a Rado tuning fork timepiece.

Movado tuning Fork wristwatch, Zenith 505/ESA 9164 movement. Citizen Hisonic, Mineral glass crystal, 218 movement, Citizen made Caravelle Watch brand for Bulova at this time period.  
Titus Swiss tuning fork wristwatch with ESA 9164 movement.  

This is an Omega Megasonic, the highest evolution of tuning fork technology. This Omega 1220 movement was only used in the Omega Megasonic and was a try of Max Hetzel, to bypass his own patent, owned by Bulova. He did too good a job in formulating the original patent, so he was not able to get around it and production had to be stopped. The transmission of the tuning fork swing to the index wheel is done by magnetic coupling. Movement Nr: 34929186 , Caliber 1220, Referenz Nr.:1980065 , 20 micron gold plated, Signed inside of the back:���Carriere Lunette, Plaque Oro 20 microns, Fond Acier Inoxydable, Omega Watch Co, Fab. Suisse, Swiss Made�

Megasonic45.jpg Text and Photos Courtesy of  Horst Knebel




This Longines 6512 movement was developed under the Project Beta21. Longines states, they did not want to be dependant on big electronic companies, so they decided to use a self developed  discrete (14 Transistors, 19 Resistors and 7 Capacitors) electronic instead of an integrated circuit, a surely expensive process. Also a stepping motor ws not available at that time, so they developed one  themselves. signed Front:�Longines, Ultra-Quartz�, back: �Longines, Ultra-Quartz, 16, 106960, Stainless Steel�, inside:� 6512, Longines Swiss, Eight 8 Jewels, Unadjusted,  31594380�. Calendar between 4 and 5.

                                 ext and Photos Courtesy of  Horst Knebel



   T the Left is an Accuquartz Navigator MKIII. It has a 2242 movement, N7. Ships chronometer style.

No case number, M0/1960 model, case stamped inside, Star Watch Case Co., Assymetrical, stainless steel with 14K yellow gold inlay, no date code on movement.

 Case #E101, N6, 10 diamonds on rgpb, 2210, N6.

Case #L161, N1, 14K ygf case and intergrated bracelet, movement is 2183, N2.

  Case #L186, N3, 14K ygf case, movement is 2210, N3.

  Case #316-5 is M8, 214 movt is M7, ss, made with and without dial, I believe. The same watch with plain and Spaceview crystals.

 Case #318, M6, stainless steel, 214, M6.

  Case #702-1, ss, N0, movement is 2181, N4, signed bracelet may be original 10000pic.gif (109 bytes)

 Case #702-1, ss, N0, movement is 2181, N3

Case #769-1, ss, N0, movement is 2183, N3, case marked Swiss made

Case #769-1, ss, N0, movement is 2183, N2, case marked Swiss made

Case #770, N1, Spaceview, ss

Case #781, ss, N0, movt is 2182, N0.

Bracelet and partial case, similar or likely Case #781

Case #741-1, yrgp tops, ssb, N0, movt is 2181, N0 , original bracelet is signed Bulova on the clasp

Case #952, N2, stainless steel, movement is 2180, N3

Case #1054, N2, stainless steel, movement is 2302, N3, Bow Tie

Case number possibly inaccurate, looks like 1194, m3 stainless case, movement is 214HN, m7, original bracelet.

Case #2387, cal 214, case-M6, movt-N0, legitimate SV bezel with incorrect case back #.

Case #2387, cal 214, case-M4, movt-N1

Another case #2387, M7, cal. 214H movement is also M7.

  Case No. 2409, 14K, M5, 214 movement, M4.

Case number 2446, stainless steel, RR model, N0, movt is 214H- M5

Case number 2446, stainless steel, RR model, M9, movement is gilt, 214H- M9

 Case #2527, M7, 10Kygf bezel, ssb, movt is 214, M7.

Case #2527, M6, 10Kygf bezel, ssb, movt is 214, M8.   Here is the same case number in a Spaceviewed case.
Case #2527, N0, 10Kygf bezel, ssb, movt is 214, Gilt, N0.   Case #2527, M9, 10Kygf bezel, ssb, movt is 214, Gilt, M9.
Case #2528, ss, M4, movt is 214, M5, legitimate SV   Case #2528, ss, M6, movt is 214, M2, legitimate SV
Case #2531, M4, ygf bezel, stainless steel back, has dial but also made as a Spaceview, movt is 214, M4, I am not sure if this one or the below case is correct for the case #.  
Case #2531, M4, ygf bezel, stainless steel case and back, movt is 214, M1
Case#2548-M7-10Kygf/ssb, movt M5-214N, no idea what the N is as far as differences. Another watch, case #2548, M4, 214 movt has no date code.

  Has c/n2446 but should be 2548, I believe, N0, 214 movement is M7.

Case #2625, M5, stainless steel, movt is 214, M5

Case #2662, 14K, M6, cal 218D, M6  

Case #2662, cal. 2181, case is 14K, M6. Case #A2662, N3, yge bezel, rgp back, movt is 2181, N5

Case Parts catalog states that A2662 has 2181 movement and 2662 has 218D, but it appears that this may have changed near the end of the production runs.

  Case #2663, cal. 2181, case-M9, movt-N0, NOS head, correct everything except band.

Case #2700, 10K ygf bezel, M9, ss back, gilt 214 movement is M9 also, florentine finish on bezel.

Case #2737, M7, 214H is M6, stainless steel with missing lug.

Case #2766, M7, all stainless steel, 218, N0, Sometimes called "Bow Tie"

  Case #2766, M7, all stainless steel, 2181 cal. movement, M9, NOS     Case #2781, 14K, M7, Cal. 218D, M7

Case #2857, cal 214, case-N0, movt-M5

Case #2857, cal 214, case-N0, movt-M4

Case #2913, 14K, N0, cal. 2182, N0

Case #2918-M9-14KY, movt M9-2182 2182 special cell strap modification, looks factory done

Case #2925, N3, 14K ygf, movt is cal 2182, Roman dial

Case #2925, N2, 14K ygf, movt is cal 2182, N2, Arabic dial

Case #2975, M7, stainless steel, cal. 2182, N0.

Case #2975, M9, stainless steel, cal. 2182, N0, over under calendar.

  Case #2991, M9, stainless steel, cal.2185, N0

Case #A2992 is M9, 14K ygf, 2185 movt is N0, Astronaut MKII

Case #D3001, Swiss, presented in 1969, no date code found. Mahogany and Leather. Thanks to Dan Thomas

Case #B-3022, N1, 10K yellow gf case and intergrated bracelet. Movement is 2183, N1. Original Ladies model.

Case #3024, N1, movt is 214, M6, has been Spaceviewed, case parts catalog lists no reflector #

C/n3026, stainless steel, M7, movt is 2181, N1

Case #3076, N1, Gold electroplate bezel and rgp back, movement is 2180, N0

Case #3076, N0, Gold electroplate bezel and rgp back, movement is 2180, N1

Case #3076, Gold electroplate bezel and rgp back, movement is 2180, N3

Case #3083, N0, Stainless Steel, movement is 2180, N2

Case #3090, cal 2180, case-No, Movt-N1

Case #3122, N2, cal. 2181, N4.

  Case #A3122, N4, cal.2181-N4, original bracelet, multiple tuning forks on dial.

Case #3134, N1, movement is 2181, N1, case is yge bezel and yrgp back.

Case #G3179, N6, Gold electroplate bezel and rgp back, Movement is 2193.10, N7

Case #A3180, N2, 2301 movt, N4

Case #3192 is N4, stainless steel, movement is 2181, N4, logo dial.

Case #3194, N2, 218D is M7.

Case number 3193, N2, stainless steel, movement is cal. 2181, N2.

Case #3219, N2, yge bezel, yrgp back, movement is 2242, N2, nice diamond dial.

Case #3222, Stainless steel, N3, movement is 2240, N3, diamond dial, Accuquartz.

Case #3228, N4, cal. 2240, N4

   Case #3231, cal. 2301, case and movt-N2, 14K, genuine strap, nos.

Case #3244, N3, Yellow hge bezel and yellow rolled gold plate back, Woody type.

Case #3267, ygep bezel, 10Kyrgp backN3, movt is 2182, N3, assymetrical

Case #3275, N2, 2182 movement, N3, case is yhge bezel and yrgp back.

Case #3275, N3, 2182 movement, N3, case is yge bezel and yrgp back.

Case #3279, movt N3, case N2, cal 2182

Case #3279, movt cal 2182, M9, case N2

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