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Welcome to our new visitor information page. Here are some tips to maximize your understanding of our expansive website.

* Please visit the Homepage and both sitemaps for a look at the products and informational pages on the website.

* Be sure to look for the identifications aid links at some categories on the Detailed Sitemap.

* Please read the top of the inventory page for how to determine quantities available and more. This information rarely changes so you need only read it until understood.

*Please visit the and read the Ordering Instructions Page before ordering. By ordering you agree to the terms and conditions as stated there. The abbreviations used are there also.

*Most of our items are pre-owned, most are used and those which are new or New, old stock are described as such. Any items not described as new or NOS are used items.

*We can only supply the items posted on our website at any given time. For wanted items not posted, send an email with WTB:(Item wanted) in the subject line. It will be kept for one year or until we notify you that we have such an item.

*We cannot always answer technical questions and often cannot answer some questions about the items listed. The staff are not qualified for this and I am away from the office much of the time. Please go to our links or do a Google search for technical help. Most of our items are small and our return policy is stated, so just have a look at it and return if not wanted. There are over a dozen steps to handling each item from start to finish and our items prices start very low, so please understand the time constraints we face to remain able to offer these items for sale.

We have 2 domains which mirror. If you get an error massage on a page, try changing the suffix to either - .com or .org. If one site is down, the others are likely up since they are hosted at different locations.

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